The Upside Brew

Let us make your day better one brew at a time!

Our coffee is Ethically Sourced and locally roasted


   Our Artisan roasting partners source raw coffee beans directly from farmers around the world whenever market conditions allow. With this operating model farmers from developing nations can experience a much better quality of life because they are paid fairly for their hard work    which, in turn, incentivizes the production of quality coffee crops.  It is this symbiotic relationship between roaster and farmer that helps us ensure the highest quality coffee is served to our guests. 

Our Story

  We started our coffee journey over a decade ago and learned quickly that the best coffee experience can only be delivered with a large dose of positivity! It seemed that our focus on creating an uplifting environment and exceptional coffee experience was infectious and this became our “calling card”.   This realization and a term one of the owners often used when asking rhetorical questions  (“what’s  the upside”)  led us to the concept and name for our newest coffee house, The Upside Brew!  Our hope is that we can truly brighten your day by serving only the best artisan coffee, craft beer, wine and cocktails in an inspirational environment full of beautiful art and positivity.


We offer classic lattes and a wide array of specialty lattes that we have developed over many years. You can enjoy any latte hot, iced or frozen! 


Sample our large assortment of drip coffee offerings in house via an expertly prepared pour over.    


Our house espresso is a single origin Guatemalan that is directly sourced from the farm and roasted locally by Pneuma Coffee Roasters. 

local matters

Our directly sourced organic espresso and brewed coffee is locally roasted in small batches by Pneuma Coffee Roasters. The coffee is delivered the same day it is roasted to ensure only the freshest coffee is served to our guests. We brew our drip coffee in small batches and hold strict serving standards that ensure our coffee is as fresh as possible. All of our espresso based drinks are made to order by our expert baristas.


Creating a great coffee experience starts with high quality coffee but also requires high quality equipment and an expertly trained staff. We use only the finest equipment and tirelessly train our staff on the best practices that lead to the delivery of exceptional coffee. Our baristas’ focus intently on the most minute details when creating your drink!